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Tragic goodwill discovered a skirt

Long T-shirt or dress innocently could not tell
Although more and more aware of how the modern city girls live for yourself, but the people in the arena bleaching, no one is willing to endure the knife, so sometimes

it is really not too self, a little concerned about the feelings of others is also particularly important, therefore, female herself by Yung have a sense of presence

as it should be, but also by the Bowl fashionable to be seen, even accidentally Nowhere can a <a href=" r1.html">black maxi dress discovered Qingwan favor.

01 fine grid pattern, over a twenty-five is continuing to follow up the hearts of some of the girls have not been cleared maiden complex, wood ear sleeves are then

dream Feifei favorite, from summer through to autumn Qing Wan writing pure youth never gone secrets most good impression here is no immunity.

02 organza expansive Veronika wear into everyday life is nothing uncommon, but it can not generally appear in the material flooding the crowd, yet elegant and tranquil

really be called a classic, lace and organza, both deep lines urban romantic sweet, small straight collar ladies shoulder is a big love.

03 In light cooked known for sexy little black long sleeve maxi dress, originally

pure and clear wan far, not to mention also mix with V-neck intellectual simple and neat, but the leaves touch the bottom of the Qing Qian, made sexy pale fawn

occurred changes tempting soft, pretty little mysterious and magnificent bloom.

04 from the soft flowing silk essence departure, if less dynamic waves skirt, Barbara called throwaway, shows that not enough is not loose interpretation of the

meaning of its flexibility, small collar + stereoscopic mosaic, so Stark can vividly Isshiki eye-catching, low-key but quietly released extravagant light introverted.

05 Who said shark eating more will bore me, as if to see more plain outline of youth, can not help but wander from the color of the dream, orange or rusty red for the

end of the Qing Ling wavelet point jump Jiaohan play Hepburn-style elegance little retro, memories and moments can be tender and lovely packed.

06 thicker than a little pink, lighter than the Rose, with changing colors or locating a mental age romantic disposition, thick but not brilliant intellectual

connotation is unable to stop the fashion stitching white Peter Pan collar, fresh and also pretty gentle, graceful interpretation of retro classic.

07 dignified to perfect the most vulnerable to extreme fall dull, but if something can be integrated into the intellectual, fashion will become relatively easy, like

printing and beige stitching, half fashion glossy, half intellectual soften, plus hit color bow waist outline , new or classic, vintage or advance, and the romantic

and dignified.

08 To add a little slim soft folds, as if the law-abiding face arbitrary, like fire and ice in stark contrast, like most sitcoms in the climax, when entangled in that,

feeling caught in the moment, and let Rose Johnson Mei, a small woman purely simple but nowhere to hide.