Solid color dress romantic return

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Solid color dress romantic return

Long T-shirt or dress innocently could not tell
In addition to beautiful flowers in spring and summer skirts struck a solid color black

bandage dress
 quietly return. Though it is blooming, but occasionally jumping over a solid color quietly elegant color and blooming flowers, it makes another girl

wear a beautiful gesture. This attitude is not proud not eye-catching, clean look that simple, as we ordinary but beautiful time.

01 little hollow to keep quiet good time, grab a gentle touch of warm yellow Relax. Then the clothes spell organza, thin microlens, looming reveals sexy charm. In the

season before the arrival of the summer solstice, on the micro-Pont A word swing ahead of exposed skin feel carefree.

02 lavender pure aesthetic can make people happy, the most suitable for this spring's unique gentle comfort. In the package with a layer of chiffon stitching superior

gluteal deliberately put lotus leaf, double three-dimensional effect, increasing the degree and elegant and security. Neckline trimmed with diamond ring, light

sparkling, infinite charm.

03 minimalist and full of tenderness in pink tone, can not help but look forward to pink and leaves southern coasts. V-neck front of the camera like a small V-shaped

gesture cheerful, crushing the accordion pleats breeze blowing the field is moving beat, the wind blowing like a heavenly light chiffon swing kite, just be able to put

on a pair of flat shoes in the outskirts pick a full spring.

04 pink bandage dress very casually, wearing it can feel a gentle temperament, such as

blue. Pierced petals with white freehand best time. Waist to close the body shape of micro Punta pendulum, plump breasts, small waist and slender, graceful body enough

to hold up those 45-degree swing rotation lightly, quietly in the solid princess clothes bursting out feelings.

05 designers chosen are green, indicating that summer is coming. Cool chiffon without reservation, any hot how can wreak havoc and get rid of single-handedly. Retro

Puff points more elegant air, knee-length skirt, sexy, graceful and safe enough to satisfy.

06 Sometimes the keyboard beat irritable to think and listen pen rustling sound in the paper side, you are like a long-sleeved yellow bandage dress to wear more, wanted to reach out and touch the cool sleeveless

dress. Mottled hollow stay in the collar, not only eliminates the low collar accidentally emptied, they will not fall into the high collar tightly wrapped slightly

rustic misunderstanding. Short paragraph suit jacket or cardigan, also can wear spring summer cool feeling.

07 designers moved like holy warriors, bandage bodycon dress in a lion's cloak,

standing on high heels, dignified appearance, valiant, so that passers-Jie Qingxin sense at first glance. Just that with accordion pleats and soft elegant big swing

vest skirt excluded energetic men, and reckless handling of the soft right.

08 no matter when and where, passionate red are always wonderful blow a memorable people. Chiffon drape touch, even without wind also slightly raised, let alone in

this strong wind on the beach, the total raised lightly gesture, but just let the wind knocked Buzhi Yu length of your gold bandage dress.