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Closely aligned with the dress
Beginning of spring has been in close proximity, this winter is in the process of end, although the temperature has not gone up, but have been to the spring, there will be far warmer it? pink maxi dress is not due to changes in the seasons to exit the street, just another way they dress protagonist is still active in the blurred boundaries of the season in a staggered.

01 Dress in the first place, mainly from the nexus point of view, it all like to cooperate with coat jacket vest skirt. The ride may be bottoming given discretionary powers of the jacket. Woolen release brilliant but not exclusively in the winter of winter, let me take a look at how it can flourish in the spring.

Unlike the summer, 02 in winter, it is impossible to associate sex and exposed flesh, but as long as the advantages should not be buried. Deep V is sexy, even if there is also lining up a shirt, but also enough of the imagination, red and black self collision seemed to ignite enthusiasm for the depths of winter.

03 Spring flowers, do not know the winner will not be jealous, will not mean to let that flowers are blooming in winter, leaving more time. Spring turned to the black in the name of the prologue seems sensible enough, but fortunately the printing will not give up, doing all it can bloom luxuriantly an attitude, so it will not be forgotten bottoming skirt in winter.

04 is not appropriate to say, the beauty of the lace is not able to say a few words clearly. There is not only a saying you cannot write it? Stitching is an art, behind the seemingly simple but amazing romantic bears no relation to the style is not about color, as long as the intention is to make sure that the best of.

05 laces stitching can imagine, if not to say to a sexy voluptuous beauty, and knitting is the most unassuming, but fortunately there are knitting accompanied these years, we have been following the youth. Most wild black, most notably thin black, the most calm or black, you'll miss it a lace maxi dress?

06 and dresses together closely aligned, we must accept any favorite color backless maxi dress. Two-year-old like delicate lace, three-year-old love is one of the feminine. Light does not constitute an additional weight, wool it is no longer a low-key, no better than this hat the color of black and gray.

07 I wonder if you are honest to try this supreme purple. Pure Direct, cuffs, although gray stitching point, but it does not affect the overall image of the perfect, simple version of the model was thin waist water lines are the best results, the more simple the more prominent eye-catching colors, so more and more challenging.

08 women, such as wine, and red wine, place the longer attractive, mellow wine intoxicating enough, but the entrance is so unlike the liquor is spicy. Red wine is slightly better, and even more easygoing. Mink upscale enchant the fabric texture, this is the last winter capricious.

09 is an elegant experience, when the Going to revel, confident and slowly evolved into a habit, whenever not gave you wrong. After four years of age, you can make any kind of graceful pattern becomes tacky atmosphere up printing black burgundy roses open also impressive.

10 However, if you are right in the front line of the road ran three, I'd make sure you're able to grasp the opportunity, then Zhuangnen one might even more years of youth. The playful character printing is not regular, but that makes one to remember, the most important thing is to not forget the effect by age doll collar.