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Return to the city from the beginning skirt

Long T-shirt or dress innocently could not tell
"Either reading or travel, body and mind must be a way." The classic statement always makes the girls benefited from growing, not only for its potential BCC poetic,

more life lessons come from in the meantime. That being said, however, most of the time, the reality is always made us succumb to the easy to read, and occasionally a

trip, you must hastily reincarnation in a short time, return to the city of mediocre, so <a href=" r1.html">white maxi dresses eat only a little back.

01 simple grid pattern, distinct black and white, although not rely on the so-called British Academy style romantic side, but at least a little easier romantic and

elegant, easy to happy with intellectual, decent hit the color leave two stitching, beautiful waist Lightness and dovetail, twelve for urban life also dignified and

elegant, but also stylish and romantic needs.

02 birds printing brisk fifteen-year-old girl with the words, called "fit be sold Moe", but simple pure white at the end of it reveals irrepressible intellectual

elegance, plus A pendulum Slim and trim round Ran Wan generous collar, reveals elegant intellectual fashion.

03 hit the color leave two stitching, lazy and do not sparse range of children, three-dimensional feeling photogenic stretch stature, especially since the fold-down

collar moderation, radially, very sort of coherent sense of stripes, let down two casual color stitching, both colorful visual impact, but also cleverly harvest tall


04 Slim package hip with both normal city life, yet is capable of classic fashion endorsements, outline width varying color, stripes enhance light pleasure outside

Slim and elegant, intellectual change in non-urban life can not rigorous dignified black and white ash , beautiful color fashion share.

05 organza fashion has been overwhelming, but we must learn to walk in the city to do the extraordinary, with purple as the main tone, gaudy or pale appearance in the

same field, so simple and elegant embroidery depicts the moment of changing, the same color nor can break statically brilliant.

06 girls to do a taste of city life is inevitable, as the end of a solid color jacquard Zhaxian is natural quality of urban wan performance, not play since the

bustling, introverted intellectual penetration of low-key, but can aid Bra perspective mosaic understatement , light and interesting urban chic.

07 little fresh, sweet and some are not fishing and eat a second election can not have both, embroidered dyed pale pink, trimmed with fine and clear astringent sweet

girl, tender and beginning to put a little romance, and blue stripes changing the width of cross-phase shaded pure fresh sweet princess.

08 harvest a little demon general Xiangjian small exposed light sexy, the way to enjoy the wonderful thin, black and white checkered with large round neck has a

similar urban dignified, but can not pretend in coarse and fine stripes in transformation fall deep, rich color gradient like Brisk movement.

09 pink and purple seems to be a romantic young girls exclusive urban fashion, a little intellectual wan course, dream a little sweet, a little pale lady, a little

style tempting, seemingly natural shallow, but gathering a strong elegance crafted sense, always the first choice among the urban elegance.