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I just want to live a different

Long T-shirt or dress innocently could not tell
Hey, do not tell me that who and how kind people, more than a lot of good people - I know that "others" are outstanding are excessive, but why must I follow them to follow suit? I am me, and takes my own passing my own life. If not everything better than others, but always a little different.

01 I wear a white maxi dress to exploit national air of the city's most lively street. Surrounded by the bustling crowd, some of them wearing a sexy short skirts, some wearing an elegant dress, there is a simple T-shirt cowboy look, only me, delicate embroidered ethnic brilliant bloom in the sun, lake green skirt Kakuma walking drift flying.

02 I know that in the summer, a tiny white tutu has been enough to attract the eyes of others, so hollow chest embroidered micro sexy complexion revealing one o'clock, so that a red miniature lapel extraordinarily bright. That same point dogwood autumn is warm and cheerful red, delicate makeup just shows off today.

03 is sure to see the cherry blossoms in spring time, that cluster of a cluster of flowers in full bloom in the sun driving too fragile and warm, even when the petals scatter, there is also a stunning beauty. I thought, if they are able to open on my clothes like, I am willing to give up all other colors, leaving only that sea of flowers.

04 of flowers, I've had a few lively imaginations. For example, the big camellia flowers, green leaves close together TV drama, in printed long sleeve maxi dress. If that's not enough chic, then the bottom into a pale blue hue, pale blue and rich ruby red collided to create the perfect retro atmosphere. This way, the ordinary printing skirt had a unique style of French romance.

Since 05 is filled with girls wear black maxi dress, then why do not I wear a T-shirt skirt piece? It has a silky cute dress, shorts, T-shirts have the convenience of being reckless, and even a suit both simple and neat, coupled with one chic cartoon printing, easily gifted to wear clothing with their own beauty.

06 this holiday season to get to Europe, fell in love with that luxurious medieval buildings and mysterious and distant Roman street, so I draw them down, and became an elegant piece of canvas cut graceful A-line skirt.  Such a unique way to commemorate this unique trip.

07 But occasionally, I will fall in love with some of the popular tricks - such as this year's hot doll red maxi dress. If so, then replaced the customary round neck collar is not the same party, a slight wave point Adds little more playful, with skirts pale and delicate embroidery patterns - to wear on me, there must be another some scenery.