How to make legs look long and thin

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How to make legs look long and thin

Women's winter fashion sweet floral dress by age
Arbitrary tight beige dress autumn wears exactly what the most beautiful and suitable for their body tide it? Mathematicians did not idle, to help us to calculating the most significant thin legs and leg length skirt, then, together with the right texture, to solve the autumn season dress you worry about it. Take a look at these pieces which parts are your food now!

Each woman wore a skirt. The most worried about is the legs look long enough? Fine enough? In fact, the key to make is the case that the length of the legs slender skirt! Mathematician Lily Serna found a set of calculation rules, according to the golden ratio to calculate the most suitable for your skirt length, is simply the amount from shoulder to toe length, and then divided by the golden ratio 1.618, this figure is derived from the shoulder amount to you that some of the length of the skirt! You may wish to put the closet to try out a variety of long sleeve deep v dress, the golden ratio is not calculated from the length of the skirt, wear thin legs, most of it?

1, Tuicu sister --- sheds
The cool early autumn, thin skirt short paragraph can not hold live. Put on temperament elegant dress umbrella in it, as well as the effect of Yu Qiu chic with a little retro, but, there really quick autumn must yield. Sheds Punta up effect, thick thighs completely hidden, just good to expose the most slender legs, plus a pair of high heels, unbridled beauty of it! As for the match, I have been not located a solid color, especially black shirt umbrella skirt, is standard on it ? If it is a brief paragraph, Luyao kind of crop that will stretch tops bent legs yo!

Universal wild white T is common in Europe and America street single product. Bottoms with this one pleasing blue long section sheds, chic and elegant and casual. Coupled with blue bottom platform shoes child, it is easy to see that with a delicate mind. Package with a very significant not only significantly higher white.

Actually match the same color may not be significant monotonous. Black silhouette shirt, with printing elements of some Xu Suya Puff umbrella group, sketched out the design of a high waist, highlighting the slender waist. Rich texture tutu extraordinary atmosphere. Nude color with pointed heels concaves shape, perfect.

2, little sister skirt slits ---
Refer to the "golden" this rule, the small series is scared, it makes little girls feel then! Fortunately, there is popular split skirts. Slit skirts shot in the street by the influx of women was welcomed not without reason. Casual sexy natural , this is the highest level of feminine show! And intangible lengthen the leg line, of the length of skirts and exposed skin is significant long spindly legs the best choice yo!

Mermaid at the expense of their own ethereal voice and return legs, the beauty of the girls, however, want to get gorgeous fish tail-like lower body curves. Slim cut pencil skirt is to this end has emerged, wrapped in a mermaid only sexy and elegant. Front slits design twilight thigh, slim leg unknown fears.

Pure black body shape seems to have been no attractions, but different material handover but hidden mystery. Heavy wool coat, he was rolled up sleeves arm seems pale a little. Skirt slits legible noble sense, even ordinary fabrics can have embellished lace elements. Side split design makes the wiry white thighs between the pace of lace tulle at the time is now hidden, extremely subtle.

Sex is not exposed before the split design, it is a solid color skirts in enhancing the overall highlights, and perspective tops, lace underwear looming sister are a bold attempt choice yo. Velvet package hip Slim cut so there are convex body curves nowhere to hide , charming feminine old show.

3, short-legged sister --- hollow skirt
Summer filled with various Xiushen Cai sister is exposed thigh, but not necessarily be a really cool fashion. However, early autumn fashion stars who are popular to wear "mesh", large and small, hollow geometric expose your senior sexy and distinctive shall suck the eye, the most important thing is neither too heavy, but also to protect the knee are not afraid of cold. Despite the length of the hollow skirt it has a terrific point, and effort, but the knee lining is located, so that your legs are still thin and long shape!

This season could foresee the extent of the clairvoyant popular outfit, hollow print Sequin high low dresses, small grid mesh embellishment, perspective mesh large area, even if only in a small corner of the clothes appear hollow also make modeling more lively and interesting. Street beat up people will dress to wear horizontal stripes perspective elegance, tenderness and dynamic, starting tomorrow, you can wear from black or white, so cool, so beautiful, really do not want to take off.

Lace and skirts are the most rude, and various lace women plus size dresses to wear clothing of distinctive styles, gentle and elegant. Skirts are very flexible sole product, just select what you want the jacket, can be said to be what style are OK, this opinion lace skirts are increasingly being accepted by all and put on the street. Looming opinion of a single product should therefore not be missed yo!

4, the legs are not straight fringed skirt sister ---
Fringed skirt fringed skirt seemingly messy ... but a lot of women who really like to win. Let this season fringed skirt swept the streets, not as good as fringed skirt flowing lines and conventional printing element is better to put on a dazzling personality tassels . Plainly, they want to choose refined tassels on the right. Tassels sex and personality, it has completely overshadowed the leg line. The matching gold long, but exposing the legs, it is early autumn lukewarm choice!

70s hippie romantic Su finally official return, this time can definitely not a joke. In the era of revolt psychology to create modern and stylish LOOK, half fringed skirt is the most prominent representative. Added element 70s in the 1950s in an elegant lady pencil skirt , a combination of breath Coachella music festival, which is the product of a new era.

5, sub-dare try to worn pencil skirts ---
This match is very tide very tide, but it is difficult to control the ordinary people. Especially for like a model as big tall sister tries. Loose version of the T-shirt, extended to be able to package hip, paired with a pencil skirt . If you are willing to wear turtlenecks and sneakers, then it is to grasp the essence of this lazy, it provided that you have 170cm + height yo! In other words, 170 of the sister who is honest wear our short shirt now, do not join in the fun to be taken. (160 Xiaobian have to cry ...)

White elongated section of loose sweater and skirt with Puff hollow, this model actually confident no waistband, although she is still gorgeous, and style will come to an extreme sex. Black sunglasses and black ankle boots echo, just that little bit of leg exposed, still elegant and beautiful, and the legs do not give a shit where, how long legs. May really long legs, the reasons for it, so just so "low key" it!