Autumn in the workplace should dress

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Autumn in the workplace should dress

Closely aligned with the dress
Can duck in the workplace, an influential figure, presumably on the cheap bandage dresses it will not afford to do away with to anyone. Not in the fashion industry, but all of them dressed like fashion editors, see post, but not see age.

01 elegant atmosphere of gray, very similar workplace OL heart water, smart white-collar workers less is more found out the truth. Collar court, leading retro, reveals French elegance. Oblique placket deal with the effect of reduction in the width of the upper body, round hat decorated with silver buttons, collections soaked heart.

02 simple lines, the color of calm, with Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in the style of sexy dresses. Calm and no shortage of angry dark green, black and white ash gradually main colors side by side, getting workplace dress upstart. Elevated waist Skirt swing, accounts for thigh length.

03 lights under the somber tones mix, giving a sense of calm and solemn, play a role in proportion to emphasize lower body, so that figure is more slender. Chest pocket design, clever distraction, does not pay attention for a breast shape.

04 white skins, it will be displayed if there is no color pale morbid. Maroon can give a ruddy complexion, rose to shine. Three large grain diamond cuffs, in the backdrop of Claret more transparent crystal. Waist black rosettes, end Zhuangxiu Ya.

05 high-profile reds rose, white skin has an obligation to manage, while envy people reconcile rosy skin. Puff shoulder line upgrades, to avoid the embarrassment of a stout arm. Random folds lace embellishment, in fact, transition effort shoulder line moves. Cross straps style girdle, corset encroaching slimming effect.

06 mysterious and noble red wine, like a cup of mellow Chi Zhu Xia, intriguing. To create a type of chest profile shape, in addition to spare no effort in the mosaic, but also can be used to achieve the purpose of concertina folds lives.

07 loose shirt skirt models, so the girls can seriously love their stomach, not emaciated, equally dignified and beautiful. Drape straight hem, fat pockets in the decoration on both sides, it becomes crisp stereo.